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Kairos Chronic Pain Coaching Official Press Release 

- Summer 2018 -

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Maria Sikoutris-DiIorio, MA, Ed.S., MFT, LPC  was recently interviewed on the benefits of family therapy...and Kairos Chronic Pain Coaching was discussed! 


Maria Sikoutris-DiIorio is the Founder + Clinical Director, Hellenic Therapy Center.

Additionally, she is Kairos Chronic Pain Coaching's Primary Psychology Partner + Group Facilitator

- February 26, 2019 -

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Kairos Chronic Pain Coaching in Scotch Plains Offers a Solution to the Opioid Epidemic

- September 22, 2018 -

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Kairos Chronic Pain Coaching's Founder, Christina H Chororos was asked by Dr. Veronica Anderson, MD to write a guest blog post discussing her journey with an illness, injury or traumatic life event and how that journey has shaped her and the way she practices! Needless to say, Christina was honored to do so. 

To read Christina's blog post or learn more about Dr. Veronica Anderson, please click below!  

- October 18, 2018 -

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As of January 2020, Founder, Christina H Chororos was named, "regular contributor" to iPain Living Magazine!  

iPain Living Magazine delivers relevant information on chronic pain challenges, tips, tools and resources that puts pain into context in peoples’ lives. Through medical content, insights from experts and real people, and spotlights on topical news, we answer: how it happened, what it feels like, what you can do about it, and why it matters.

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