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What We Do

"You make a new life by making new choices."

- Sean Stephenson


Sean Stephenson is an American therapistself-help author and motivational speaker. Because he was born with osteogenesis imperfecta, Stephenson stands three feet tall, has fragile bones, and uses a wheelchair.


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Mental Health Coaching

After struggling with my own intense depression and anxiety for over a year, it became painfully apparent that medications and talk-therapy just weren't working. Something was missing--something I desperately needed...coping skills. 

It is for this reason I developed and designed my practice the way in which I have. As a mental health coach, I teach my client's coping strategies-- practical, actionable, problem-solving skills that can be applied so that a person can self-manage difficult situations and emotions, harmful thinking patterns, and impulsive responses and reactions. 


With that said, I have always been an advocate of psychology--specifically talk-therapy. and understand the value of traditional therapy and psychiatric care. Which, is why our clinical director is Maria Sikoutris-DiIorio, a licensed professional counselor and marriage, and family therapist, and graduate of Seton Hall University with a Post Master's as an Educational Specialist and Master's in Marriage and Family Therapy (MA, Ed.S., MTF, LPC).

Our clients work with me to learn coping strategies and self-management skills and will occasionally, also work with Maria for a more traditional approach.


We have found that this formula fosters a successful treatment plan for those struggling with mental health. 

To see a list of what mental health issues we address, please click here! 

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iPain Living Magazine

Christina H Chororos is a writer for iPain Living Magazine--a quarterly magazine published by The International Pain Foundation. 


iPain Living Magazine delivers relevant information on chronic pain challenges, tips, tools, and resources that puts pain into context in peoples' lives. Through medical content, insights from experts and real people, and spotlights on topical news, we answer: how it happened, what it feels like, what you can do about it, and why it matters.

iPain Living Magazine Winter 2020 - Endo


Christina H Chororos' enjoys educating people about all of the ways chronic pain and illness can tear apart the lives of those affected and those that love them. Additionally, she passionately fights for the way chronic pain and illness is approached in our country. Learn about whom Christina has worked with to do just that! 

iPain Hero of Hope Nominee Award

Pain Management + Chronic Illness Coaching

No one teaches chronic pain and chronic illness sufferers how to live in a body that has failed - in other words, no one teaches us how to cope with pain. Whatever coping skills you went into with chronic pain and chronic illness are the only coping skills you have to work with - and more times than not, pain medications are the only coping skill we become reliant on (reliant does not mean addicted). 


This reality was the driving force behind the way in which I created Kairos Chronic Pain Coaching. In other words, it was important to me that my practice prepare chronic pain and illness sufferers for the possibility of limited pain medications, teach life-long coping skills that lead to better pain and chronic illness management, and help our clients stop existing in their lives so they can create a new life worth living. 

With each chronic pain and illness client, we strive to achieve 3 basic goals: 

  1. Assist you and your family let go of what was

  2. Helping you and your family accept what is

  3. Instilling hope for an empowered future by teaching a variety of skills that better balance the mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual body systems

With that said, there are also 5 foundational themes that will not change from person to person. Why? Because every person I've met with chronic pain/illness has shared these difficulties in varying degrees. 

  1. Increase Activities of Daily Living (ADL's) + Redefining Realistic Roles and Goals 

  2. Patient + Family Education on Chronic Pain, Communication, Holistic Physica,l and Emotional Coping Skills

  3. Paradigm Shifts to Change Relationship + Behavior Responses to Pain

  4. Accountability + Self-Management

  5. Finding Balance in the Mental, Emotional, Physical, and Spiritual Body Systems to Increase Overal Functionality

Cited Articles:

"Pain as a Public Health Challenge." Institute of Medicine. 2011. Relieving Pain in America: A Blueprint for Transforming Prevention, Care, Education, and Research. Washington, DC: The National Academies Press. doi: 10.17226/13172

Kairos Chronic Pain Coaching


Education is a cornerstone of Kairos Chronic Pain Coaching's ethos. Coaching sessions include teaching our patients/clients how to self-manage their physical, emotional, and mental pain. Christina H Chororos also hosts webinars that take a closer look at issues that matter to chronic pain, chronic illness, and mental health sufferers. 

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Follow us on social media to get some of Christina H Chororos' favorite tips and tricks for battling chronic pain, chronic illness, and mental health difficulties. You can find Kairos Chronic Pain Coaching on Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, and YouTube!

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